2023 Trends: Organisations Will Prioritise Sustainability as Part of Application Design

2023 Trends: Organisations Will Prioritise Sustainability as Part of Application Design


By Maverick Partners

2023 Trends: Organisations Will Prioritise Sustainability as Part of Application Design

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and businesses are being pressured to take action. As a result, most organisations have pledged to reach certain climate targets within specific time frames. But these pledges aren’t enough to reach these goals – and this is becoming clearer to more organisations.


As a result, they’re turning to less obvious business areas in pursuing sustainable practices. One such area is application development to reduce their products and services’ impact on the environment.


This blog will explain why sustainable application development matters and how it can help organisations reach their sustainability goals successfully.


What Is Sustainable Application Development?

Sustainable application design involves using the latest technologies to target areas where waste can be reduced and opportunities for improvement can be identified.


In fact, according to Google, 75% of developers say that by 2025 sustainability will be a critical consideration when it comes to application development worldwide.


The Benefits of Sustainable Application Development 

There are numerous benefits associated with this approach: 


Cost Reduction

Sustainable app development practices can help organisations save money in the long run. For example, reducing energy consumption in data centres or using virtualisation strategies instead of developing physical hardware can help significantly reduce costs over time. 

Enhanced User Experience

Sustainable apps tend to be easier to use because they prioritise simplicity and efficiency over complex features or extra bells and whistles. This means users will have an improved experience with your app while reducing energy consumption. 

Increased Engagement

Sustainable apps provide a better user experience, increasing engagement and customer satisfaction. This can result in better customer loyalty and new growth and monetisation opportunities for businesses down the line. 


How to Implement Sustainable App Development Practices


Focus On Efficiency


The key lies in creating an efficient app. Aim to optimise it over time, too. This way, it’ll run as smoothly as possible without consuming too many resources or slowing down the app, which would negatively affect the user’s experience.  


Utilise Cloud Computing Services


Cloud computing services allow you to offload some heavy lifting associated with running an app. This means you don’t need as much hardware or energy reserves on-site.  


Monitor Usage and Performance Regularly

Tracking usage and performance metrics helps identify potential issues quickly, avoiding problems before they become too costly or damaging to your organisation.  


Reuse Code Whenever Possible

Writing reusable code allows developers to create apps faster while reducing overall resource consumption. This is because there’s less need for new code creation every time a project needs updating or tweaking. 


Encourage Green Initiatives Within The Team

Finally, ensure everyone on your team understands the importance of sustainability in app development and encourage them to develop green initiatives. For example, they could carpool instead of driving to work separately.


Doing this will ensure your team is doing its part to reduce energy consumption and create a more sustainable future.



Sustainable application development is essential for organisations trying to reach their climate targets; the secondary benefit of providing customers with their best possible user experiences is a significant bonus.


With the right strategies in place, organisations can create efficient apps that use fewer resources without sacrificing quality or functionality while saving money in the long run. 

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