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Apple Unveils “Apple Intelligence” at WWDC 2024
Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is always a hotbed for innovation, but this year's event brought something truly extraordinary: Apple Intelligence. This isn't just another software update; in Apple’s view it's a paradigm shift in how we interact with our devices, promising a new era of personalised, intuitive, and privacy-focused AI.
AWS Partner Summit London 2024: A Deep Dive into Cloud Innovation and Collaboration
As an AWS partner with a passion for cloud solutions, the annual AWS Partner Summit is always a highlight on our calendar. This year's iteration in London did not disappoint! The summit was overflowing with insights, showcasing the latest AWS advancements and the incredible work being done within the partner community. Let's dive deeper into the key themes that shaped the experience:
Google Cloud Next 2024: The Future of Cloud Unfolds
Get ready, cloud enthusiasts! Google Cloud Next 2024 just wrapped up, and it was brimming with innovation, announcements, and a glimpse into what the future of cloud computing holds. If you're in the Google Cloud ecosystem, here's a breakdown of the key trends, exciting news, and why you'll want to be there in person next year.
Edge Computing: What Is It and How Can It Help Me?
In this article, we dive into the transformative world of edge computing, a revolutionary technology reshaping how businesses operate and how we live our everyday lives.
Digital Disruption in Global Elections: Navigating the Minefield of Modern Democracy
In 2024, many countries are gearing up for elections, with billions poised to cast their votes. In an era marked by the digital revolution, interference in national elections has emerged as a critical concern. The potential for digital disruption to influence these elections has never been more significant, raising alarms about the integrity of democratic processes worldwide. In this article, we will explore the concept of digital disruption in global elections and discuss how countries can navigate this minefield to safeguard the democratic process.
The Evolution of the Metaverse and Web3: Is this the Future?
As we stand on the precipice of the next digital revolution, the concepts of the Metaverse and Web3 emerge not just as fanciful buzzwords but as frameworks for a profound evolution in how we interact with technology and each other.
The Future of Blockchain: Moving Beyond Cryptocurrency
Initially developed as the underlying mechanism for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, blockchain technology has evolved far beyond its financial origins. This distributed ledger technology offers a secure, transparent, and tamper-proof system, revolutionising how data is stored and exchanged. In this article, we will explore the advancements in blockchain technology and its impact beyond finance.
Emerging AI Trends – Ethics and Governance
Following our blog on emerging AI trends for 2024, this post takes a deeper look into the role of ethics and governance in AI and how this year will be crucial in determining standards moving forward.
5 Emerging AI Trends to look out for in 2024
Continuing our look into digital trends for 2024, this blog covers emerging trends we expect to see in AI.
Digital Trends for 2024: Exploring 4 Sustainability in Technology Case Studies
Following on from our digital trends report for 2024 we are taking a deeper dive into some of the topics we have covered. We'll start with sustainability in Technology.
2024 Trends: Maverick Partners Digital Trends Report
Welcome to the Maverick Partners Digital Trend Report for 2024. As we navigate the transformative world of digital innovation, it is crucial to anticipate and understand the trends that will shape our future. This report explores the evolving technological landscape and provides insights into potential game-changing areas for the year ahead.
AWS re:Invent 2023: Unleashing the Power of Cloud Innovation
In the fast-paced realm of cloud computing, there is no event more eagerly awaited than AWS re:Invent. As the curtains rise on the 2023 edition, a cascade of groundbreaking announcements, immersive experiences, and transformative insights awaits. Join us on a journey through the corridors of innovation as we delve into the key revelations and technological marvels that define AWS re:Invent 2023.
Web Summit 2023: Unveiling Tomorrow’s Tech Landscape – Sustainability, Diversity, and Innovation Take Center Stage
Web Summit 2023 proved to be a nexus of ideas, innovation, and collaboration, offering key takeaways that reverberated across industries. Here are some of the paramount lessons and insights gleaned from this year's event:
How to use Generative AI in your Business: Get Inspired by some Real World Examples
As we navigate through the digital era, the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to permeate various sectors, notably software development. Among the many facets of AI, the role of generative AI in enhancing software development is gaining significant attention. In this article, we'll explore how Maverick is leveraging GenAI to increase developer productivity by accelerating manual and repetitive work. We will examine how AI can provide code suggestions for drafting new projects, accelerate updates of existing code, and enhance developers’ understanding of new topics.
Breaking Barriers: How Open Banking and APIs are Reshaping the Fintech Landscape
Are you ready to revolutionise the way you handle your finances? As the finance industry enters a new era, open banking and application programming interfaces (APIs) are driving forces behind major changes worldwide.
Navigating the Regulatory Landscape: The Rise of RegTech
In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving financial landscape, regulatory compliance is more critical than ever before. With the increasing complexity of regulations and the growing threat of financial crime, traditional methods of compliance are no longer sufficient. Enter RegTech – the innovative solution transforming the way businesses navigate the regulatory landscape.
How to use Generative AI in your Business: Get Inspired by some Real World Examples
Artificial Intelligence has revolutionised the way businesses operate, and Generative AI, in particular, has gained immense popularity this year. This subfield of AI involves creating models capable of generating or producing new content, whether music, images, or text. Many UK businesses are also jumping on this latest update in tech. If you want to stay on top of AI's innovation in the business world, this blog post discusses some real-world examples you might want to take away to apply in your business.
How to use Generative AI to help transform your business today
From streamlining business processes to enhancing customer experiences, Generative AI is at the forefront of many transformative changes. In this blog post, we will explore how Generative AI helps businesses to optimise their operations, enhance the experiences of their customers, and automate various everyday tasks.
The Impact of AI and Machine Learning on Fintech
As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the fintech industry have become increasingly commonplace, it is important to understand their definitions and capabilities. This article discusses the different ways AI and ML are used in fintech, how they have impacted the financial industry, and what this means for businesses.
Atomic Design: What Is It? How Do You Build a Design System With It?
Developing a consistent and robust design system can be incredibly challenging for a UI designer. Customising every detail can be tiresome and time-consuming with the number of elements, patterns, and components. However, atomic design can revolutionise your approach and provide an effective solution.
The Crucial Role of User Research in Achieving Exceptional Experience Design
Do you want to deliver a great product experience? If so, it's essential to remember that design is ultimately about creating products that users will love and find useful.
Agile Software Development: A Quick Guide to the Benefits, Principles, and Best Practices
In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the benefits of agile software development and how it can help businesses succeed.
Key Digital Retail Trends for 2023
This blog discuss the how the cost of living crisis will affect eCommerce and consumer retail trends this year.
2023 Trends: Organisations Will Prioritise Sustainability as Part of Application Design
This blog discusses how application design can affect sustainability in large organisations.
2023 Trends: How companies in different industries drive customer engagement with immersive technology.
This blog discusses how companies in different industries drive customer engagement in 2023.
Maverick Partners delivers real-time DOOH for Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball
Last weekend we helped Global bring the UK's biggest Christmas Party, Capital's Jingle Bell Ball, to 100s of digital billboards across the UK in real-time.
Maverick Partners appointed to G Cloud 13
Maverick Partners has been appointed to the UK Governments new G-Cloud service providers portfolio, to help deliver digital services.
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