Digital Trends for 2024: Exploring 4 Sustainability in Technology Case Studies

Digital Trends for 2024: Exploring 4 Sustainability in Technology Case Studies


With the world facing pressing issues like climate change, global warming, and energy depletion, sustainable development is more critical than ever. As technology advances, it can help shape a green future for our planet and people. 

Many companies are setting an example by incorporating sustainable practices into their operations and services, contributing to a greener environment. Let’s examine how these companies lead the way in sustainability through technology.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company has committed to investing an impressive $22 billion towards electrification, pledging to have carbon-neutral vehicles by the year 2050. 

With almost 95% of emissions stemming from vehicles, operations, and suppliers, Ford’s vice president recognises the urgent need for the automotive industry to prioritise the environment. 

In addition to focusing on this critical issue, Ford has also taken on the challenge of pay equity, conducting an audit and implementing a global salaried pay ratio to bid fairness among all employees. 


Accenture‘s approach to sustainability is extensive, covering all significant aspects businesses must consider in their sustainability journeys. One of the ways Accenture supports businesses is by promoting and implementing sustainable value chains

A sustainable supply chain is critical in addressing the environmental impact of a company’s operations. Businesses can reduce carbon emissions and minimise waste by working with suppliers to adopt sustainable practices and using renewable resources.

Apart from promoting sustainable supply chains, Accenture also focuses on helping clients achieve their net zero goals. Net zero goals involve reaching a balance between greenhouse gas emissions and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Accenture understands the importance of this goal and supports businesses in setting achievable strategies to reach it.

United Nations

The UN has committed to reducing its environmental footprint through its “Greening the Blue” initiative led by UNEP, which involves over 50 UN entities. The organisation has set ambitious targets aligned with a 1.5°C warming scenario, requiring a 45% GHG reduction by 2030. In 2019, the UN emitted 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The newly launched Greening Government Initiative, led by Canada and the USA, is an encouraging international community of practice helping countries meet their Paris Agreement commitments. It offers a platform for countries to share best practices and helps accelerate national efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in government operations. 

Meanwhile, the Global Platform for Action on Sustainable Energy in Displacement Settings promotes renewable energy access in humanitarian settings and aims to transition to renewable energy to increase efficiency, whilst reducing costs and emissions. 

The UN and other organisations’ efforts indicate a growing global recognition of the need to address climate change in an impactful and collaborative manner.


As one of the largest technology companies globally, Google has made substantial investments in renewable energy and sustainability initiatives. Google has set a goal to operate on 100% renewable energy for all its operations, achieving carbon neutrality since 2007. The company has also invested in numerous renewable energy projects, including wind and solar farms, to support the transition to clean energy. Additionally, Google leverages its technology to promote environmental awareness and conservation efforts through tools like Google Earth and Google Maps.


The above companies are at the forefront of setting an example for the technology industry with their commitment to sustainability. 

It’s good to see corporate companies stepping up and taking the lead to create a sustainable future for us all. From achieving carbon neutrality to promoting renewable energy and sustainable digital solutions, these companies are significantly reducing their environmental impact and paving the way for the future.

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