How to use Generative AI in your Business: Get Inspired by some Real World Examples

How to use Generative AI in your Business: Get Inspired by some Real World Examples


Real-World successful Generative AI Business Examples in the UK


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to automate the process of generating news articles, social media posts, and program descriptions. It has allowed the BBC to produce content faster and more efficiently. In the light of these changes, the BBC have now expanded their digital footprint and increased user engagement. As a network, they have been able to personalise content to individual users’ preferences, providing viewers with more relevant options and recommendations.


HSBC is an international bank that has integrated Generative AI into its virtual assistants and customer support systems. It has streamlined customer support operations and reduced response times significantly. By leveraging Machine Learning models in their chat channels, HSBC has accurately recognised and categorised customer queries. Using intelligent analytics, HSBC has allowed customers to receive timely and personalised support, enhancing customer satisfaction.


ASOS is a renowned online fashion retailer that has integrated Generative AI into its creative design process to quicken the product development cycle. ASOS can test market demand for new designs before committing to physical production. Using GenAI for design inspiration, the company creates products that align with the latest fashion trends. This tech helped ASOS reduce the time and cost involved in product development, and quality has significantly improved.


Burberry is an iconic British brand with integrated AI-driven recommendations to curate personalised product collections for each customer based on their browsing behaviour and purchase history. Burberry has improved customer satisfaction as customers can view products more suited to their preferences. Also, This has led to increased sales and brand advocacy. GenAI freed up time for Burberry’s sales associates to offer better customer service by enabling them to provide personalised recommendations and assistance.


Wayve, a UK-startup working on self-driving cars, is a prime example of GenAI in action. Utilising GANs, a form of Generative AI that create models of physical objects, Wayve is able to simulate various driving scenarios to train their autonomous vehicle algorithms. 

The progress made by Wayve through the implementation of Generative AI has been essential to creating safer and more reliable autonomous vehicles. This breakthrough in technology has the potential to change the way we travel, and Wayve’s f is leading the charge forward.

What We Take Away

Generative AI is a powerful tool already transforming the UK’s business operations and customer experiences. GenAI is becoming increasingly popular in various industries, from personalising product recommendations to automating content creation. 

There is no doubt that Generative AI is proving to be a valuable asset to businesses across different sectors. As the future of businesses and technology evolves, developing a deep understanding of the technology is essential to remaining competitive.

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