Google Workspace Powering A Saas Scale-up

Google Workspace Powering A Saas Scale-up

Blackout Technologies are an award winning security and compliance Saas technology business. They work with their clients to regulate the use of smart devices in defined spaces. Their patented solutions provide enhanced security in the workplace.

Blackout have developed an innovative system to regulate the use of smart devices in the workplace. It protects sensitive corporate information by restricting unauthorised functionality on smart devices, including encrypted messaging and social media, replicating existing controls on other workplace devices, such as computer terminals.


As Blackout scaled their business it became clear that their legacy internal applications were not able to support their speed of growth. The original systems they had implemented when founding the company did not scale for efficient communication and open collaboration across the business.

Maverick Partners helped them select the Google Workspace and supported their migration using Bit Titan to ensure all their data was safely and securely moved.

Blackout’s technology regulates the use of camera and browser functions, encrypted messaging, games and social media, replicating existing controls found in the workplace, such as internal networks and work issued devices. Blackout helps companies protect sensitive data and meet their regulatory obligations by limiting unrecordable communications, ensuring greater use of existing authorised channels of communication. By regulating non-essential smart device functionality, Blackout’s proprietary technology also helps to minimise distractions and improve productivity.

Maverick Partners have proved invaluable in supporting our growth plans as a business. Google Workspace is helping to power that growth with its broad range of solutions, easy to manage technology and robust security.

Mark Hadley CEO Blackout Technologies
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