Rapid Prototyping

Whether you are looking to build a business case to gain buy-in for a new idea from stakeholders, establish a new design strategy, or validate a new technology – a prototype is often the best place to start. 

We deliver intense 2-week or 4-week rapid prototyping sprint cycles, working collaboratively with our clients to create achievable product roadmaps, deliverable technical architecture plans, validated business cases and interactive prototypes.

“Before investing in a digital product, it’s crucial to set a solid strategy to ensure that the right thing is being built in the right way. A Rapid Prototyping Sprint is a great way to do that quickly.”

Rapid prototyping is a powerful tool for creating digital products that can help get stakeholder buy-in and bring your ideas to life; key benefits include:

  1. Time-saving: Rapid prototyping allows you to create a working model of your digital product quickly. This means you can get feedback from stakeholders and make changes early in the development process, saving a lot of time and resources in the long run.
  2. Cost-effective: By creating a prototype early on, you can identify any issues or changes that need to be made before the final product is built. This can save you a lot of money and reduce the overall development cost.
  3. Better communication: Rapid prototyping makes it easy to share your ideas with stakeholders and get their feedback. This can help improve communication and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  4. Increased engagement: A prototype is a tangible thing you can show people; this can make stakeholders feel more engaged and invested in the project.
  5. Reduces the risk: By creating a prototype early in the development process, you can identify potential issues and make adjustments before the final product is built. This can help you reduce risk and ensure that the final product is of high quality.

Maverick Partners have senior, cross-functional teams that are experts in running Rapid Prototyping sprints; please get in touch.

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